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Quotes, Questions and Books that Shaped My Thinking in 2018

I don’t collect “things”, but I do collect quotes that call to me, questions that reframe my thinking and books (lots of books). And, daily I capture glimmers of wisdom culled from all three in my yearly journal.

Today, I’ve gone back through my 2018 journal to glean the wisdom from the quotes I’ve captured, the questions I’ve wrestled with and the books that resonated with me.

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My Top Reads for 2016

Those of you who know me, know that Amazon makes regular deliveries to my door, and that I always have my “nose in a book”. 2016 was no different. I’ve culled my bookshelves – and here are my top reads for 2016.

Warning: I am a quirky and eclectic reader. Mostly non-fiction, although an occasional non-fiction book captures my fancy. I do deep dives on the books that call to me – and have a stack of others that failed to.

So here is the 2016 list of my “deep dives”. And I’m always on the hunt for more good reads – so please share yours!

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