Evergreen Retreats
for Leadership Teams

New place. New pace.
New conversations.
New thinking.

Retreats take you and your team out of the day-to-day and into a new space “with space”. The space to think. To have real conversations that matter. To think about things differently. To create. To plan. To build trust and teamwork.

Evergreen Leadership can ensure your retreat is all you want, from beginning to end. We do that by:

  1. Providing a skilled facilitator that weaves the people, place, and event into a transformational experience
  2. Working with you for solid preparation and planning
  3. Ensuring excellent execution and attention to all the many details
  4. Helping you select the ideal location

Provide your team with the place, time, and process to do deep work.

When your team steps out of the day-to-day and is transported to a space in which they can breathe and relax, good things begin to happen. Conversations are deeper and more meaningful. Ideas flow. Relationships are strengthened.

We work with you to design the retreat experience that meets your specific needs. Organizations work with us when they:

Retreats enable your team to work through all these situations, faster and with more focus than trying to tackle them amid the
day-to-day office environment.

Evergreen Leadership Retreats

  • Designed and delivered by Kris Taylor, an expert at creating transformational experiences
  • Personalized experiences that get at the things that are most important for your team
  • An artful mix of individual and group work, work and relaxation
  • Choice of four different retreats

We work with each client to:

  • Tailor the experience for what your team is needing
  • Prepare your team to have a great experience
  • Ensure we meet your goals and objectives
  • Find the perfect location

Retreat Options to Fit Your Team

Evergreen Leadership Retreats are not just “feel good / get out of the office” boondoggles. They are places to get real work done—even if that real work is the chance to relax together and create stronger relationships.

We offer four retreat options, which can be presented as either a 24 or 48-hour experience.

Have a need that is not on the list?  Reach out – we do customized retreats as well!

Reset Retreat

Renew / Refresh / Refocus

As a leader, you can feel the need to be “on” all the time. To have all the answers. To be there for others. To achieve big things.

Here is the hard truth. We can’t be “on” all the time. We don’t have the answers. We can’t be there for others if we can’t be there for ourselves.

This Evergreen Leadership Reset Retreat is a guided experience where you can unplug and recharge. Where you can rest and catch your breath. Where you can draw inspiration from nature as well as from others.

Our Higher Purpose Retreat

Purpose / Unity / Passion

Purpose is the essence of your organization, yet far too often gets fuzzy, removed from the day-to-day, or forgotten in the heat of shorter-term objectives and goals.

Yet we yearn for that clear connection to our higher purpose. We know that purpose infuses the work we do with meaning, energy, and passion.

This retreat provides your leaders with the chance to examine your purpose through multiple techniques, enabling a rich, 3-dimensional vision (not just words on paper). Your team will also explore each person’s connection to that purpose from their own value framework.

Harmonic Team Retreat

Teamwork / Trust / Relationship Building

Harmonic teams work seamlessly together. They accomplish great things. There is trust. Energy. Enthusiasm. Good results.

Discordant teams, on the other hand, struggle to get the right things done. Time and energy go into in-fighting, defensiveness, and CYA activities. Work is draining, not uplifting. People leave for greener pastures.

Yet building a harmonic team that is high trust / high performance doesn’t “just happen”. This retreat can help you either jumpstart a harmonic team from the start (with a newly formed team) or help a discordant team become more harmonious.

Questions Only Retreat

Explore / Create / Empower

In a world that is increasingly complex and fast-changing, it is more about asking powerful questions than having the right answer. For in a world of ambiguity, definitive answers are non-existent.

This is a unique team experience for those that want to learn how to lead with artful and provocative questions. Questions that lead to creative solutions. Questions that open our thinking. Questions that empower both critical and creative thinking and action.

In this retreat, your leaders will be able to experience the impact of asking powerful questions to foster creativity, innovation, and the ability to make faster decisions in ambiguous situations. 

Retreat Experiences

Start Designing Your Retreat Today

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