Leaders matter and I am passionate about developing leadership skills – through my coaching, speaking, teaching, writing and consulting work. I am able to draw on my 30 years work experience that are rich in variety – from Fortune 200 (15 years) to non-profit (10 years) to running my own business since 2004. I’ve been blessed to work in a multitude of roles, including organizational change and development, leadership, learning, and human resources, and operations. There is one consistent outcome, no matter what my role: my ability to promote, lead and implement positive change. That is what I want to share with the world.

Speaking Topics

Kris is an engaging and interactive speaker that will challenge the way you look at leadership, the world and the future, with a compelling combination of facts interwoven with true stories. Just as with all our work, we craft our speaking topics to your needs, enabling your audience to walk away both challenged and energized to meet the challenges of the future.

Any of the talks below can be customized or adapted to meet your specific needs.

The Future of Work

Designed for professionals across disciplines, this compelling talk explores the three meta forces that are dramatically changing the way professionals do their work now and in the near future.  Audience members will learn about ten trends shaping professional work, including AI, freelancing and remote workforces.

Perfect for professional associations, C level leaders and HR leaders, this talk will help you understand how professional work is changing and will offer you ideas on how  to respond to these trends.

Leadership for the 21st Century

Leading today is dramatically different than in the industrial era. Leaders today face an environment that is diverse, ambiguous and fast changing. It requires new thinking and approaches, often to situations that have not been previously encountered. Leading well today requires skills seldom taught or developed in traditional settings: agility, innovation, creativity, and collaboration just to name a few.

In the session, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the forces shaping leading ship today and will explore the top ten leadership skills needed for today. They will be able to assess their own leadership capabilities against the model for the future and capture ideas on how to develop or sharpen the must have leadership skills for today.

Ideal for leadership groups at all levels, either offered internally or via professional associations. This presentation can also be adapted for those who want to assess leadership capability across their entire organization to determine organizational leadership readiness for the future.

Radical Collaboration

Industrial era command and control style leadership is being replaced by radical collaboration – across functions within organizations and often across coalitions of stakeholders. Using real life stories and examples, Kris weaves together the importance of collaboration with a tested model for collaborating for results. She’ll share when to collaborate (and when not to).

Participants will be able to assess their skills at collaborative leadership against the five criteria for successful collaborations – and will learn how the most effective leaders today blend a strong focus on task with a keen ability to development teamwork – resulting in more creative, less risky and easier to implement solutions.

This presentation is especially helpful for leaders in which innovation and creativity are called for or in situations in which improving internal processes or delivering well planned and integrated products and services requires cross-functional collaboration.

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