Coaching for Leaders & Teams

Coaching — a smart investment
in your future.

If you wonder why you should investing, here’s the answer — you get results!

Coaching is a highly individualized and personalized developmental strategy that enables leaders to assess their current situation and effectiveness, define success, overcome barriers, and improve their leadership skills.

In a study by the International Coaching Federation, 86% of organizations yielded a return on their coaching investment and 96% of leaders who had a coach would repeat the process.

There are a host of reasons to invest in your leaders through coaching; here are the common ones:

  • To help navigate the increasingly complex and fast-paced work environment
  • To help see the current reality with more clarity and to take appropriate action
  • To improve focus and accountability and to enable progress on the most important things
  • To learn new approaches, techniques, and tools
  • To learn to work together more effectively and have the conversations that matter (in group coaching)

What is Evergreen Leadership’s Coaching Philosophy?

We use coaching to expand a leader’s capacity to create positive change in their work and leadership. We work on the things that really matter to you.

In our programs we:

We offer both individual
and group coaching.

Individual coaching is a highly personalized approach that enables a leader to be with a trusted professional to work on the things that are most important to them.

Group coaching is done with a team and is focused on increasing trust and teamwork, developing skills needed across the team, and creating a safe place to have the discussions that need to happen.

In both individual and group coaching, our focus is on getting results that matter with the accountability to follow through.

Group Coaching

Group coaching provides a powerful and affordable way to improve the performance and skills of the leaders in your organization. Group coaching works with an entire leadership team in regular sessions (we recommend a minimum of six sessions) three to four weeks apart. 

In each session we:

Build trust and teamwork.

leadership skills.

Increase each leader’s self-awareness and accountability.

Interactive 90-minute sessions.

Virtual group coaching sessions are 90 minutes and are a highly interactive way to shape culture and to build even stronger teamwork. Each session begins with pre-work and ends with a commitment to apply something from that session on the job.

We bring new content and relevant content to each group session that enables your leaders to grow and develop. Included are many tools and techniques that are immediately useful. Content will be adapted to the skill and experience level of the group – from emerging leader to skilled executive.

Benefits of investing in group coaching.

Evergreen Leadership delivers high-impact leadership coaching programs that build leadership skills in the context of your culture and objectives. We use a results-focused approach, setting specific and measurable goals and measuring progress toward those outcomes to:

  • Break down walls and functional silos to gain greater alignment with your overall vision and values
  • Generate greater momentum in achieving your specific business objectives
  • Create an environment of trust where team members support and challenge each other to be their best
  • Build leadership skills and capability quickly, consistently, and effectively
  • Foster open dialogue where everyone is held accountable
  • Achieve the results your organization wants and needs

Individual Coaching

We offer three individual coaching packages so that you can choose the option that fits your needs and budget. 360 feedback is a highly effective way to gain a deep understanding of how your leadership is perceived and we can provide both a quantitative and a qualitative 360.

The Basic Coaching Package
includes the following:

  • A coaching orientation meeting with the coaching client and their direct leader
  • Ten one-hour coaching sessions
  • A goal alignment session with the coaching client and their direct leader to agree on 2 to 3 coaching goals
  • Availability via phone, text, or email between sessions
  • One assessment – The assessment will be chosen based on the client’s needs.
  • Common assessments include DiSC, StrengthFinders, EQI, or StandOut.
  • A final progress meeting with the coaching client and their direct leader

The E-360 Feedback Package includes...

everything in the basic package plus a 360 assessment for up to 20 respondents using an e-survey that is customized for the leader’s specific needs.

We work with you to identify and communicate with the respondents and to solicit feedback on their most critical leadership skills.

Results are compiled in a report that is shared with you in an additional feedback session. Typically, the 360 process occurs early in the process and shapes the coaching goals.

The Qualitative 360 Feedback Package is...

a powerful way to collect and present feedback. This approach produces significant shifts in leadership awareness and consequent actions and is especially helpful with leaders who have blind spots that are hindering their effectiveness.

In this approach, you select 10 people to provide feedback via 30 minutes, structured, face-to-face interviews. Feedback is compiled and an individual report is generated with specific themes, comments, findings, strengths, and recommendations.

We Have Deep Expertise in
Coaching Leaders at all Levels

Evergreen Leadership has been selected to coach leaders, from emerging leaders to the C-suite for a variety of organizations including:

  • Eli Lilly
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Citizen’s Energy Group
  • Syrmise / Diana Pet Food
  • Wabash National

Our Coaches

Our coaches are selected for their skill, experience, and ability to go deep with clients. We offer each coaching client the opportunity to select from at least three possible coaches, enabling them to find a coach that is a good fit for their situation.

Our Promise

If, after three sessions, you find that a specific coach is not a good fit, we will provide you with a coach that is. We stand by our processes and work – and commit to offering you the outcomes you are looking for.

Evergreen Leadership has worked with...