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Simply put, at Evergreen Leadership we help leaders and the organizations they lead learn the skills needed to thrive in a state of flux. Today’s environment, in business, education, and non-profit, is buffeted by an unprecedented velocity of change on all fronts. The only thing likely to change is that the pace of change will get faster and even more unrelenting. Leading and working in today’s world requires a different skill set – of everyone. 

Our focus is on agility, a deep sense of purpose, collaboration and creativity. We don’t just teach these skills; we live them. Our work with our partner clients is a living example of how a deep sense of purpose, creativity, collaboration and agility can create lasting, meaningful results.

What is an Evergreen Leader?

Evergreen leaders share many of the same traits that make evergreens in nature so resilient. Leaders in our programs learn to continually shed what is of no use to them and allow new, healthy growth to appear. Evergreen leaders can find a foothold in even some of the most inhospitable environments. Evergreen leaders nurture their soil and roots and create a climate where other can thrive. Evergreen leaders adapt to the conditions they are in – and find ways to fit into their ecosystem.

How is Evergreen Different Than Traditional Leadership?

Evergreen leaders have the capability to use a new, more adaptive approach to leadership, the skills called for in today’s complex, changing and connected world.

What Skills Define an Evergreen Leader?

Evergreen leaders have specific skills, attitudes and behaviors that make them much more adaptable to our current turbulent business environment. They are:

• Firmly grounded in values that guide them day to day
Agile in their approach to meet the demands of a fast changing world
• Able to envision and create better futures
• Able to provide clarity and direction in the midst of uncertainty
• Willing to engage others in creating a better future
Strong teams builders
• Skilled at developing the capability and capacity of themselves & others
Globally minded
Grateful – and share their gratitude

Signature Evergreen Leadership Programs

We work with you to design high impact, transformational programs that build the skills that are most critical for your leaders and that fits within your budget. Our programs integrate a variety of programmatic  learning components, all sharing the same focus on learning outcomes and application.

We specialize in the skills most needed by leaders today: agility, collaboration, accountability, creativity & innovation, casing vision, leading change, communication, trust, accountability and team dynamics.

Because our programs are custom designed, we work effectively with large and small companies, nonprofits and entire communities.

Our programming can address the needs across your organization, from your C-suite to emerging leaders.

All of our custom programs include mechanisms to assess progress and to adjust along the way to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Our programs can include:

Evergreen Circles

Our face to face guided sessions build teams, teach skills and develop an agile problem solving approach.


Our 90 minute learning sessions can be stand alone or part of a series and develop the skills you need efficiently.


We co-create retreat experiences with you that can build teams, develop strategy or create alignment and focus.

Customized Team
Building Sessions

For those needing to get a new team launched successfully, integrate new members into a team or work through team issues, our customized team building sessions are focused on achieving your objectives and building high performance teams.


We draw from a variety of assessment tools spanning the organization to the individual to help you assess your current situation and then design the solution that best serves you.

Individual and/or Group Coaching

Provided by a team of highly qualified and caring coaches, coaching provides individual attention in the areas that matter most.

Leadership Circles & Workshops

Our leadership development programs will transform you, your leadership and the results you get in a dramatically different way. Evergreen Leadership Circles are high impact, deeply transformational experiences. Our programs span time, allowing your leadership skills to grow and establish deep roots. An experienced guide walks with you every step of the way, facilitating your learning and creating a safe space to share, learn and grow. You’ll work side by side with other leaders, who become a powerful peer group offering candid feedback, new insights and who challenge you to become your best self. Best of all, you’ll immediately apply each session’s learning to your work situation, yielding immediate and lasting results.

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