At Evergreen Leadership, our coaching programs expand a leader’s capacity to create a desired future for themselves and their organizations.

Evergreen coaches focus on real results that matter. Leaders want to work with us due to our deep expertise in change and transformation, strategic mindset, and our ability to challenge and confront – and respect the choices you make.

During our coaching sessions, we will develop and work toward defining a clear vision of your desired future and then work backward from that vision. We also focus on the real leadership challenges you face in the trenches – not theory and use a strength based approach to bring your best talents and skills forward. You’ll also find that we will challenge your thinking and broaden your perspective along the way.

Our coaching relationships operate with the utmost and total confidentiality – your coach is a safe person to discuss issues openly with, be yourself, and work through what you may not be able to discuss in other venues. Evergreen coaches bring both head and heart to every engagement.

We will help you to achieve the results you and your organization want and need, help you see your current reality with more clarity, and improve your focus and accountability.

Ready to work with an Evergreen Leadership coach?

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