Develop 21st Century Leaders

From emerging leaders all the way to the C suite, Evergreen Leadership partners with you to develop collaborative, creative, connected leaders.

Build Effective Teams

Our programs integrate high trust with strong focus on results -creating vibrant and high performing teams that can innovate, adapt and do more together.

Create Resilient Organizations

Evergreen Leadership has the talent to help you craft your strategy and then to assess and shape a culture that is in alignment.

Discover the Evergreen Leadership Difference

We partner with you to design high impact, transformational programs that build the skills that are most critical for your leaders and that fits within your budget.

Results Focused Solutions

Our solutions are results focused, highly interactive events that meld the human element, reflective work with the business of the team. Our custom programs include mechanisms to assess progress and to adjust along the way to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Transformational Environments

We use whole brained approaches, honoring head and heart to create high impact, transformational environments where team members can build trust and grow together in the aim of their common goals.

21st Century Skills

We focus on 21st century skills - and our methodology and content work in congruence to demonstrate these principles in action.

Customized Programs

We work effectively with large and small companies, nonprofits and entire communities through our customized design process.

Meet Kris

Kris Taylor is the owner and founder of Evergreen Leadership, co-founder of LEAP, and the author of The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times.

Kris has over 14 years of experience as an expert leadership and organizational development consultant.

Over 70 organizations have partnered with Kris and her firm since 2004 to develop leaders and to implement transformational change. 

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