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Failing at Time Management? Try Self-Management!

I’ll fallen for all the false promises around time management. Do this and find 30 more minutes in your day. Manage your calendar and marvel at how much you’ll get done and all the free time you’ll amass.

No matter how faithfully I follow the instructions, I’ve never achieved having any span of time, even 5 minutes, where I marveled at how much time I had “created” in my schedule and then wondered how I might use that time I’d freed up.

The reason is quite simple. We neither “create” time nor “manage” time nor “lose” time. Time is time.

So the question of time management is not outside of us (better planning, calendar tricks, a time saving device) but within us. How efficiently we use our time is within our control.

Discover what I’ve learned about time management, wise self-management, how to move away from busy and start embracing bountiful, and more.

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