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How to Choose Between Individual or Group Coaching

I’m always a bit suspicious of people who offer coaching services, but never engage a coach for themselves. To me, it seems like you either believe in the process  – on not. I’m a believer!

Thanks to the coaches I’ve engaged with over the past years, I’ve

  • Revised my business strategy to be more in line with my life goals.
  • Learned to speak with confidence in public, use storytelling to make a point, and also to swim
  • Navigated my way through a thorny business problem
  • Improved my sales skills
  • Continued to sharpen my business skills enabling me to stay in business for over 18 years.

We all face times when a skilled, empathic, and objective person can help us move forward faster, smarter, and with clear progress. You may have had those times when you were:

  • Just Plain Stuck – and can’t get clarity on goals and direction
  • Having Difficulty Getting the Right Things Done – and someone who acts as an accountability partner can help (especially when they can see what is holding you back)
  • Wallowing in a Complex or Difficult Situation – and you don’t have the objectivity to sort it all out and make sense of it
  • Needing to Learn Something Fast – and someone with that expertise can get you there quickly
  • Wanting to Grow Personally and Professionally – and you can’t see your strengths or your blind spots clearly

One can always read a book, chat with a friend, or do a Google search – yet at times, a bit more may be needed. That is exactly the time that many people reach out to a coach. Especially if you are a  person who likes to set and reach your goals faster, more effectively, and with a trusted partner by your side.

Coaches come in many forms and shapes – from health coaches to leadership coaches to life coaches to business coaches. What they have in common is this:

  • Individualized attention focused exclusively on you and your situation.
  • A frame of reference, skills, or framework that has a proven track record of helping others in similar situations
  • Empathy, good listening, and the ability to listen between the lines to get at something deeper
  • Ability to ask great questions that get at the heart of your situation in the search for a way forward
  • Skills in helping people set and achieve appropriate goals and to remove the barriers getting in their way

If you are in a situation where engaging a coach, you’ll need to determine if you would like a personal coach or to be part of a group coaching session. I’ve participated in both and have coached in both – and each one has its time and place.

Choose an individual coach when:

  • You desire undivided attention on your situation and your goals
  • You need to move quickly
  • You need a totally safe space to speak confidentially
  • Your needs are rather unique and unlikely to be shared with others

Group coaching brings together one coach with groups of between three and fifteen. Typically organized around a theme or common focus, these groups can be perfect for you if:

  • Would benefit from multiple perspectives and broaden your perspectives
  • Desire feedback or input from different people
  • Want to deepen relationships with like-minded peers
  • Like learning in group settings
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group

And a final word of advice. There is clearly some chemistry involved in coaching. You’ll want to select a coach that works for you, and that might mean, at times:

  • Someone that provides that safe space to listen and process
  • Someone that pushes you hard and doesn’t put up with excuses
  • Someone that has walked your path before and has keen insights that are helpful
  • Someone who is the “yin” to your “yang” that can help you bring balance to your extremes

That is why, in our coaching programs, we offer both individual and group coaching  – and we give each of our clients selecting individual coaches the choice of four experienced coaches.

When you are ready, a coach can make all the difference in the world. They can build your confidence and your skills. They can help you overcome barriers and self-limiting beliefs. They can enable you to make substantial progress faster and with less pain.

Want to learn more? Just reach out! You can learn more about our Evergreen Leadership Coaching programs here.

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