Build Effective Teams

In an increasingly connected and fast paced environment that demands collaboration and creativity, teamwork is an essential ingredient. Rather than an “off the shelf” solution, we work with you to identify your specific needs and then custom design retreats and team building days that achieve your objectives, while nurturing relationships, deepening trust and getting alignment and commitment to the work of the team.

Clients use our team building solutions when they are faced with:

  • Newly created teams
  • Teams with new leaders
  • Teams with a change in mission or objectives
  • High drama teams that are not dealing with conflict effectively
  • Misaligned teams that need to create a common focus
  • Low trust teams where relationships need mended

Ways to Build Your Team

We work with clients to offer three options for team building:

  1. Off Site Retreats
  2. On Site Team Sessions
  3. Leadership Circles 
Our Five Step Approach

Each team is unique and so is our approach. We use a five step approach to design team building services that enable you to achieve the results you want:

1. Focus

Get clear on your objectives and goals

2. Assess

Determe your current state

3. Design

Co-design a solution that moves your team forward

4. Deliver

Plan & facilitate the session

5. Evaluate

Implement follow up actions to measure progress and maintain focus

The Evergreen Leadership Difference

All of our solutions are results focused, highly interactive events that meld the human element, reflective work with the business of the team. We use both head and heart to create high impact, transformational environments where team members can build trust and grow together in the aim of their common goals. We focus on 21st century skills - and our methodology and content work in congruence to demonstrate these principles in action.

What Clients Have to Say...

Meet Kris

Kris Taylor is the owner and founder of Evergreen Leadership, co-founder of LEAP, and the author of The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times.

Kris has over 14 years of experience as an expert leadership and organizational development consultant.

Over 70 organizations have partnered with Kris and her firm since 2004 to develop leaders and to implement transformational change. 

Evergreen Leadership Practice Partners

One thing that sets us apart from other firms is our Evergreen Practice Partners, a collaborative network of highly skilled leadership coaches and organizational development experts.

Practice Partners each have their own consulting or coaching practice and have been vetted by us as sharing our high standards for quality. They are invited to partner with us on larger engagements or when the work requires a specific skill or expertise they specialize in.

Our Evergreen Practice Partner networks provides a host of benefits to our clients:

  • Access to high quality, senior talent
  • Flexibility and the ability to create the right sized team for clients
  • Fosters our total focus on clients needs, without the pressure of that some firms have of utilized their bench

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