Create Resilient Organizations

High performing organizations know that a clear strategy combined with an aligned culture enables outstanding results. Without a strategy, you experience misdirection and wasted efforts. Without an aligned culture, your strategy is dead on arrival.

Evergreen Leadership combines business savvy with deep expertise on organizational development to facilitate the development of strategy for small to mid-sized for profit and non-profit organizations. We can then help you assess your current culture for fit, describe the culture you want to shape and partner with you to align culture and strategy.

How We Can Work Together

Design & Facilitate Strategic Sessions

Work with us to design strategic sessions that get results. We begin by working with you to define clear objectives and then custom design a session that allows you to achieve them.

Together we’ll prepare your team to come ready to engage and our skilled facilitators will guide the process, enabling you to focus on fully participating, rather than dealing with the mechanics of the day. All our sessions end with clear outcomes and action items and a 30 day follow up to assist you in implementation.

Organizational Assessments

We use a variety of organizational assessments, from structured interviews with your teams to respected online tools. Our work begins by getting clarity on the questions you want answers to, which allows us to recommend the best tool and approach.

Our assessment work always engages your leaders and employees in the process, driving clarity from beginning to end. We share more than results with you, we also share recommendations and action items, and work with you to communicate and engage your teams in implementation.

Partner with Senior Leaders to Shape Your Desired Culture

If you’ve determined that your current culture is ill-equipped to take your organization to where it needs to be, our senior and skilled organizational development professionals will work with you to envision the culture you’d like to create, identify the structural and skill changes required and then to craft and implement a comprehensive plan to shift your culture over time.

Culture work is critical; it is one of the strongest forces that shapes the results your organization gets. It is also complex, and that is why our practice partners, who have deep expertise and are excellent at systems thinking are the perfect partners for this work.

Meet Kris

Kris Taylor is the owner and founder of Evergreen Leadership, co-founder of LEAP, and the author of The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times.

Kris has over 14 years of experience as an expert leadership and organizational development consultant.

Over 70 organizations have partnered with Kris and her firm since 2004 to develop leaders and to implement transformational change. 

Evergreen Leadership Practice Partners

One thing that sets us apart from other firms is our Evergreen Practice Partners, a collaborative network of highly skilled leadership coaches and organizational development experts.

Practice Partners each have their own consulting or coaching practice and have been vetted by us as sharing our high standards for quality. They are invited to partner with us on larger engagements or when the work requires a specific skill or expertise they specialize in.

Our Evergreen Practice Partner networks provides a host of benefits to our clients:

  • Access to high quality, senior talent
  • Flexibility and the ability to create the right sized team for clients
  • Fosters our total focus on clients needs, without the pressure of that some firms have of utilized their bench

What Clients Have to Say...

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