Develop 21st Century Leaders

In today’s organizations, leaders are needed at all levels. From emerging leaders all the way to the C suite, Evergreen Leadership partners with you to develop collaborative, creative, connected leaders. Our customized programs are co-designed with you to ensure programming that is timely, relevant and delivered in ways that work with your organization.

We draw from a large library of tested curriculum that addresses the skills most in demand today. We adapt our delivery method to meet your needs, your leaders and your budget. A typical program will use a variety of learning formats including Evergreen Circles (face to face peer group learning), webinars, individual or group coaching, and action learning projects.

Developing Your Leaders

Evergreen programs are designed with the following philosophical framework – which builds the foundation for agility in on your teams and in your organization.

Relationships Matter

We create deep and trusted relationships in our programs between participants with the goal of nurturing sustainable networks that endure over time.

Leadership Starts on the Inside

Leadership is the deepest reflection of who you are as a human. All our programs are grounded in self discovery and helping leaders operate from their core values and strengths.

Agility in Action

We teach and model the processes of agility - quick learning and adaptation. Our programs include a calibration process, in which we assess and adjust multiple times throughout the program to deliver the results you are looking for.

Guide Not Lecture

We are not “sages on the stage” - we are partners who walk by your side, creating facilitated learning environments in which learning is interactive and the wisdom of all it tapped into.

Learn Over Time

Robust skill development does not happen in one miraculous moment. Our programs are designed to engage leaders over time, enabling deeper and more, longer lasting changes.

Take Action

To learn, one must do. Our programs insist on a growth cycle that includes continuously cycles between practice, application, reflection & learning.

Signature Evergreen Leadership Programs

We work with clients to customize programs that meet their goals by doing two things:

  1. Selecting the right program delivery mechanisms (circles, retreats, webinars, coaching, action learning projects, etc.)
  2. Selecting the most important learning topics from a large library of relevant course

Here are the topics that we deliver most often:

Emerging Leaders

For High Potential Professional Staff or Those Who are Beginning to Take on Leadership Roles

  • Leading from Your Inner Core
  • Team Dynamics
  • Providing Real Time Feedback
  • Delegating for Results
  • Developing Others
  • Productive Conflict
  • Building Engagement
  • Shedding What No Longer Serves
  • Setting Priorities
  • Building or Restoring Trust
  • Fostering Accountability
  • Effective Communication: 3 Level Listening & the Art of the Question
  • Leading a Virtual Team
  • Conducting a Coaching Conversation

Leading Others

For team leaders, supervisors, managers and new directors

  • Leading from Your Inner Core
  • Communicating for Impact
  • Leadership 101: Lead, Manage or Follow?
  • Developing Learning Agility
  • Becoming Skilled at Change
  • Defining my Leadership Path


  • Offering & Accepting Feedback
  • Developing Personal Accountability
  • Communicating with all DiSC styles

Senior Leaders

For leaders responsible for the organization, an operational unit or function

  • Leading from Your Inner Core
    Casting Vision
  • Managing Organizational Dynamics
  • Using Polarities to Solve Intractable le Problems
  • Creating Agile Organizations
  • Developing Organizational Capacity
  • Radical Collaboration
  • Strategic Execution


  • Essentialism: Focusing on the Vital Few
  • Leaders as Creators
  • Fostering Innovation

What Clients Have to Say...

Meet Kris

Kris Taylor is the owner and founder of Evergreen Leadership, co-founder of LEAP, and the author of The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times.

Kris has over 14 years of experience as an expert leadership and organizational development consultant.

Over 70 organizations have partnered with Kris and her firm since 2004 to develop leaders and to implement transformational change. 

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