Excelling in a Virtual Workplace

Let's Do Virtual Better!

Prepared or not, we’ve all had to quickly move to working virtually. You’ve been making it work.

Now is the time to make it work better!

What we thought might be a stop-gap measure is now the way we’ll work in for the foreseeable future. For some it is due to safety measures related to the pandemic. For others, it is because it is what your employees have been asking for.

Now is the time to:

Engaging Learning Content that Meets Your Needs

Evergreen Leadership has engaging learning content on working virtually for leaders, for meeting facilitators and for your employees. We’ve been making virtual work for the past 20 years – and our learning content combines our practical experience with current proven practices across industries.

We have great content – and we can deliver it in the way that works best for your organization.

You can build a virtual workplace learning experience that is using any of these options (or a combination of):

  • Live or prerecorded webinars
  • Interactive virtual workshops
  • Online learning that is custom branded for your organization
  • Train the trainer, where we equip your trainers to offer our high quality content

Content Designed to Support These Critical Employees:

We help leaders:

  • Manage performance when team members are working virtually
  • Set realistic expectations and boundaries
  • Build connections and cultivate cohesion
  • Use virtual productivity tools to collaborate, inform and make timely decisions

Meeting planners and facilitators will discover:

  • The best practices for virtual meetings
  • How to use virtual meeting tools (like chat, screen sharing, polling, and white boards)
  • Tips to build active participation and high levels of interaction

Help your employees:

  • Manage their focus and amp up personal productivity when working alone
  • Set healthy boundaries between their work and home life
  • Work at home when caring for loved ones

What is our next step?

Want to learn more about how to do virtual better and to support your leaders and employees? It’s easy!

You can schedule time to talk here or email me at kris@evergreenleadership.com.

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