Excelling in a Virtual Workplace

What is Included in the Series?

Your employees will have access to three courses that include short presentations and downloadable tools and resources:

  1. Working Well Virtually
  2. Holding Effective Virtual Meetings
  3. Leading Virtual Teams

We would recommend that leaders complete all three courses. Any employee working virtually, even for a short period of time, will benefit from the courses on working virtually and holding virtual meetings.

Your employees will have access to this learning content for six months.

What Will People in My Organization Learn?

In the Working Well Virtually course, employees will learn how to:

  • Manage their focus and amp up personal productivty when working alone
  • Set healthy boundaries between their work and homelife
  • Work at home when caring for loved ones

In Holding Effective Virtual Meetings, your employees will learn:

  • The best practices for virtual meetings
  • How to use virtual meeting tools (like chat, screen sharing, polling, and white boards)
  • Tips to build active participation and high levels of interaction

Leading Virtual Teams will help leaders to:

  • Manage performance when team members are working virtually
  • Set realistic expectations and boundaries
  • Build connections and cultivate cohesion
  • Use virtual productivity tools to collaborate, inform and make timely decisions

How Will We Customize the Series?

Your organization will have a dedicated, branded landing page that includes this content that you provide to us:

  • A welcome page branded with your logo and brand colors
  • A welcome video from a leader in your organization
  • A FAQ about working remotely in your organization (organizational expectations, policies and practices)

What Does Each Course Consist Of?

Your employees will be able to access this learning content for a period of six months, as often as needed, and on-demand.

  • 8 video presentations (between 10 and 20 minutes each)
  • 9 practical downloadable tools and guides

How Do Employees Access the Course?

We use the learning platform Kajabi, which is a trusted application for on-line course work. Because we will host the course on this platform, you’ll not have to do the work of uploading it to your LMS and consuming IT resources to find a place to host the learning content.

Your employees will access the course through a standard internet connection, using your company’s dedicated landing page.

How Do We Get Started?

Once we have your signed agreement, we will provide you with a welcome tutorial that includes:

  • Introductory video that demonstrates how your employees will access the course
  • Template to help you create your customized FAQ
  • Suggestions about producing the video with your leader’s introduction to the course
  • Your unique registration page and log on information to share with your employees

How Long Will It Take?

You’ll be provided with the welcome tutorial within 24 hours of us receiving your signed agreement.

You’ll be able to see your company specific course landing page within 3 days of providing us with your logo and brand color guidance.

We’ll have your course ready to go within 5 working days after you provide your video and FAQ. (Note that you can opt out of this step, but we highly recommend it to make this course more relevant to your audience).

What is the Investment?

You’ll buy a certain number of registrations based on the size of your organization. The pricing is straightforward; it’s $50 per employee. We do have a $2,000 minimum, which covers the cost of creating your company specific landing page and adding your custom content.

Your investment entitles you to:

  • Access to all three courses for a period of 6 months
  • Your branding on the course
  • A personalized video and FAQ that you create

Kajabi is an easy to use platform and we have not experienced any issues in the past with clients using and accessing our learning content. If however, you find that you need technical support we are glad to help you resolve your technical issue and you will billed at $250 per hour.

What is our next step?

It’s easy! If you want to offer this series to your employees or have additional questions, you can either:

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