Become a Better Leader

The path to becoming an Evergreen Leader evolves over time – with focus, practice and learning. Here are some resources that can help you, your team and your peers to deepen your skills, sharpen your focus and lead well in today’s world. Each topic has a short audio presentation (about 5 minutes). Listen to the audio and then work through the questions in the Discussion Guide.

You can either listen and reflect on your own or have your team (or peers) listen and then have a rich conversation using the discussion guide.

Let it Go: Shedding What is No Longer Needed

Are you too busy, exhausted or spending your time and energy just trying to keep up?  Learn about three common strategies we use when we are overextended, why they won’t work. Even better, identify things you can eliminate from your life to free time, focus and energy.

Maintaining Balance in the Face of Continual Change

Continual change is the norm. The only thing that will change is that the pace will continue to increase. Learn how to find inner stability in the midst of external flux – and as a result be more grounded, focused, productive and energetic.