“The Evergreen Leadership Circle has been a very unique experience. I have had discussions and worked through situations with my leadership as well as those I supervise which I consider to be “next level” and were prompted through events and conversations that occurred in the Circle meetings. Not only was the content of the meetings excellent, but I found its exercises to inadvertently address multiple areas of my life, both personal and professional, which I did not anticipate. It’s been a wonderful experience, to say the least.”

Leasing Professional

“Participating in an Evergreen Leadership Circle gave me a safe environment to explore and play, friends I didn’t know I lacked, and the catalyst and accountability to pursue my dreams.”
Becky Perez  

“I consider myself a seasoned expert in the OD space, and then I met Kris Taylor through a networking event. She established a very genuine and authentic relationship with me that created a strong foundation of trust. I attended a women’s circle and was amazed at her quiet strength and ability to create meaningful work for us. I walked away floored by the personal revelations I experienced.

Angela Nuttle
Talent & Org Development Director, Roche

“The Evergreen Circle experience has by far been the best professional development I have ever done. The book is great, but there is something special about the way it is presented in our meetings that really resonates. Also the different perspectives from the other members of the circle has really opened my eyes to my behavior and that of others both professionally and personally. It is a regular occurrence for me to begin discussions by saying “in my leadership class…” I am lucky to have been a part of this training and it is probably the BEST program Tippy Connect has offered, to mold future leaders.”

Jenna Isch
Farmers Insurance Agent

“Evergreen Leadership Circle has given me an opportunity to learn from other professionals in a unique environment. Being fresh out of college and moving straight into a role where leadership is important, I am exposed to leadership in a different manner ever taught in schools. I am able to learn from those in exclusive situations all across our community who approach leadership in their own individual way. Under Kris’ guidance, we tackle on subject under leadership each month and apply it to our lives.”

Rachel Blankenship
Sports Marketing and Recreation Manager at Visit Lafayette- West Lafayette

“Because of the impact Kris had upon me personally, I asked her to help with a difficult leadership team challenge, and she was a PHENOM! She was able to break through serious barriers with the team in 1 1/2 days in a way that made a lasting impression upon me and the team.

I learned from her that I can still learn, and I see her as a mentor in my profession. I highly recommend her.”

Angela Nuttle
Talent & Org Development Director, Roche

“I run a social enterprise for women in South India named Blue Mango. Kris visited our program and conducted several mentoring sessions. Her work easily crossed the cultural barrier and spoke to the core of our collective human psyche. I wish that we had had access to her wisdom and knowledge in earlier days.

Kris taught us how to identify our own potential in a positive and affirming way. She then guided us as we dreamed up ways to use our strengths as leaders in practical and enjoyable ways. As leaders, we were challenged to draw out the best in ourselves and the best in others, changing the character of the organization. Her experience, knowledge of the subject matter, and enthusiasm was clearly evident.

Kris loves what she does, her personality shines throughout her series, and I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Tamar DeJong,
Director, Blue Mango

“Kris is a consummate professional who has been instrumental in preparing First Solar for the monumental change that an ERP solution introduces to an organization. She is a metrics-oriented performance driven professional who delivers excellent results and delights her customers with quality products and timely deliveries under challenging and adverse situations. This implementation was no simple task. In one year, solutions were blueprinted, developed, tested, and implemented around the Globe including headquarter operations and manufacturing plants in Malaysia, Germany, and the US as well as all North American and European Sales locations. It has been my pleasure to work with Kris on this challenging project, and I am honored to endorse and recommend Kris in providing professional services to your company.”

John Mulfich
CIO, First Solar

“I met Kris two years ago when she came to Cargill to facilitate a gap analysis for the Learning & Development department. Kris came into a work environment where very little processes existed, and artfully facilitated the group to map out a current state, desired state, and necessary steps to get to that future state. I have never forgotten how she facilitated our group through some tough decisions, and I would highly recommend her to help any organization through a change process.”

Gabriella Broady
Yellow Giraffe

“Kris has provided keynotes at two separate conferences that I planned. In both instances, attendees were talking about and making practical use of the information long after the conferences. Kris has great ability to connect with people that serves her well when she presents.

Kim Donahue
United Way of Central Indiana

“Kris has handled several projects for us each year with great success and follow up on each one. We look at Kris as an additional employee who can hit the door running and manage a process from start to finish.”

John Smith
CEO, Package Right

Kris has repeatedly provided creative solutions and made accomplishment of goals a success. She combines her subject-matter expertise and results-driven focus with good business decisions to deliver custom solutions that fit unique challenges. In responding to our “big picture” needs, she’s able to translate that to a detailed approach we can execute against together as partners.”

Kirsten Walker
Project Manager for Integrys Merger

As part of our ongoing efforts to train and develop our staff we hired Kris to help us with two key projects.  One project involved the assessment of the skills level of our factory process leaders.  The other project involved helping our senior management staff develop more effective communication, both among ourselves and with those we lead.

Kris brought a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to bear on our projects.  The results have exceeded our high expectations as each process leader is performing effectively at a much higher skills level.Her coaching and evaluation of our senior staff has greatly enhanced its communication and effectiveness.”

Michael F. Cassidy
President, Package Right Corp

“Kris has consistently been flexible to our changing needs and time frames and offers creative suggestions when we seem to be at a place that could potentially turn into a roadblock. She manages to keep things moving along to meet our deadlines, react to our requests, and provide support and results customized to our needs. It really feels like a partnership, and that our company is her Number 1 priority.”

Kirsten Walker, Process Improvement Leader, WS Packaging Group, Inc.

“We have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Kris on two significant projects. Kris is on target, and works exceptionally well with all levels of the organization to get us where we need to go. We will continue to call upon this flexible, professional, knowledgeable resource.

Sue Ann Ford
SPHR, Manager, Organizational Development, Wabash National Corporation

“Kris is a dynamic leader who motivates teams to develop creative solutions and drive results.”

Alana Ward Robinson
CEO 3 Diamond Group

“Kris lead a team of professionals that developed and supported training and implementation content for process redesign across the enterprise. Her ability to understand the business needs in a fast changing environment and deliver creative solutions were a key ingredient in the success of the company process redesign and application implementation.”

Jim Mead
BPR Director, R R Donnelley and Sons Company

“Kris developed and facilitated Leadership training for our field managers that helped them: become more accountable in regards to attaining their goals, recognize the shadow they each cast (both internally and with our members), and, understand behavior-styles and build positive relationship with our member arbitrators and their managers. Kris was able to discuss and relate the topics in terms of their day-to-day activities. We would definitely call upon Kris again.”

Tim McKernan
Manager, Member Training & Forum Rules, Arbitration Forums, Inc.

“Kris did an outstanding job of leading our large organization through a series of group learning experiences on how to make change a more competitive advantage in our work environment. In a matter of 90 minutes Kris was able to share with us 3 powerful tools we can use daily to help us stay focused on the positive aspects of change in a very interactive and example-rich environment. We are planning on using Kris’ session as a key foundational initiative to help our organization move to a more change agile state.”

 Douglas Pond
Team Leader, DHC F/C Engineering and Automation

“In my business experience I have never worked with someone who was more talented, creative and able to move people to make change than Kris Taylor. She knows what to do in almost every situation and then she can step in and coach, facilitate and lead people through the change.

Kris worked on a very emotionally charged and intense process improvement and complete technology rebuild of an archaic legacy system. Kris was a beacon of light and inspiration, willing to have tough yet respectful, empathetic conversations and seemed to know just how to bring people together into alignment. I considered her a member of my senior team because she was so committed, such a source of knowledge and facilitated, coached and led eloquently through numerous challenges, conundrums and disagreements.

If that isn’t enough she serves as a role model of incredible integrity, work ethic and emotionally intelligent communication helping those she touches become the best leaders they can be. I would not hesitate for one second to hire Kris in the most demanding leadership situations.”

MaryAnn Rivers
Former President & C.E.O. Entertainment Publications (Promotional Marketing Industry)Owner – Balance Works (Leadership Development & Wellness Coaching)

“I have found that my coaching with Kris Taylor has been extremely helpful in both my professional and personal life. Her ability to grasp the critical business and organizational aspects of my job, along with my personal leadership style, its strengths and weaknesses was critical in establishing an professional action plan that has greatly improved my ability to manage and lead. Her ability to quickly identify differences between my style and the company’s culture, identify action steps, and provide honest and insightful feedback has provided a clear path to improving my ability to lead my organization forward.”

CIO/Utility Industry

“At a recent conference, I heard Kris Taylor speak on leadership. I was so impressed with the relevance and power of her presentation that I personally purchased a copy of her book, The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times, and took time to learn more about her Evergreen program.  I also highly recommended her as a potential leadership speaker for my own organization and to other organizations for which I serve in an advisory role.”

Dreama (Dee) Love, M.A., CFLE
Human Development Specialist, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

“Kris was the guest speaker for our organizations annual Lead the Way B2B Breakfast.  Kris is an amazing speaker.  She understood the goal of the broad scope desired in the whole of the task asked of her.  She talked about the importance of Gratitude in life and in the work place and it was a beautiful message.  It resonates with me still as I move forward daily.  I highly recommend Kris to speak to your group as it will be very good and it will add value.”

Sandra K. Ziebold
Vice-President, Beacon of Hope Center for Women, Inc.

“Kris’ ability to connect with her audience, where they are and understanding what’s important to them, keeps her presentations fresh, relevant, and impactful.”

Andrea Bednar
Organizer of North America Leadership Academy, Society of International Business Fellows

“Kris Taylor’s ability to communicate through speaking is thought-provoking and life changing. Her passion for people and ability to help them change their lives is powerful.”

Sharlee Lyons
Director of Personal and Professional Development, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

“Kris speaks with sincerity and ingenuity.  I have found her talks to be informative and well thought out.  She speaks very well to the audience as she in intuitive to their questions and energy.”

Joanna Retherford

“As we prepare our Community Leadership Program, we are always looking for presenters who engage our participants in meaningful ways.  Kris’ presentation challenged each person to think differently about leadership.  She is a strong public speaker with a clear message that is sure to help individuals grow.”

Jason Boron
Curriculum Chair, Leadership Lafayette

“Kris Taylor’s book is a refreshing take on how to provide leadership in a world that is increasingly complex and fast-paced. For new and seasoned leaders alike, each lesson offers a powerful combination of practical guidance and wisdom, delivered in simple, straight-forward way – a must-have resource for anyone tasked with making sense of chaos.”

Rhonda Young
First Solar

“I am on a different trajectory today because of Kris Taylor’s work and writings.  I experienced her teachings, particularly chapters 1 through 4, which shifted my thinking completely about my leadership, career, and life.  I am now CEO of my own company and loving every minute of it.”

Angela Nuttle
President of Corporate OD Strategies

“Kris Taylor has turned 20 years of experience into a guide that will stretch your thinking and push you toward meaningful leadership. This book is jam-packed with ideas and must dos to help you become a better leader—one who is ready for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world that is upon us. Whether you implement one of the exercises; explore an end-of-chapter resource; or apply an action from one of the many lists you’ll find practical guidance on every page. The connections to dozens of other resources, websites, blogs, and articles, double the value of this book. This is a must read from a thought leader who has devoted her career to helping others learn to lead in turbulent times.”

Elaine Biech
EBB Associates Inc, author The Business of Consulting, editor The ASTD Leadership Handbook

“Leadership is about being, not doing. I’ve known few people who understand this as well as Kris Taylor. “The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times” will make you think deeply about leadership, build your self-awareness and make you a more effective leader in good times and bad.”

Mike Donahue
President of Newgrange Consulting, past Vistage Chair

“Kris Taylor is a Leader Whisperer.  With grace and empathy, she has built a successful career helping leaders evolve from where they are to where they must go.  Her insights in this book are a powerful gift to those of us striving to lead more effectively.”

Lou Russell
Queen/CEO Russell Martin & Associates, Author of 10 Steps to Successful Project Management, IT Leadership Alchemy and others….

“Kris Taylor take the latest theory on organizational change and clearly translates into an action plan that inspires people to push through the fear of change and embrace the possibilities.  She is a gifted visionary thinker, writer and speaker who has honed her craft through years of real world situations that make her the “real deal”. If organizational change is your key priority Kris Taylor is your guru. ”

MaryAnn Rivers
President, CBO, (Chief Balance Officer)/Owner Balance Works Leadership Development

“Those of us who have had the good fortune to work with Kris know this: she brings it! From her thoughtful, inspirational speaking to the design and delivery of effective interventions and initiatives, I don’t see how you could do better. Period.”

Sue Ann Ford
Organizational and Workforce Development Specialist

“As an executive staff member of Greater Lafayette Commerce, I participated in a team building and leadership training retreat facilitated by Evergreen Leadership. It was among the best trainings of its kind I have attended in my career. I highly recommend Kris for this and similar leadership trainings.”

Dennis H. Carson
Director, Economic Development Department City of Lafayette

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