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Why Should You Work With Me?

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Leaders matter and I am passionate about developing leadership skills – through my coaching, speaking, teaching, writing and consulting work. I am able to draw on my 30 years work experience that are rich in variety – from Fortune 200 (15 years) to non-profit (10 years) to running my own business since 2004. I’ve been blessed to work in a multitude of roles, including organizational change and development, leadership, learning, and human resources, and operations. There is one consistent outcome, no matter what my role: my ability to promote, lead and implement positive change. That is what I want to share with the world.


Keynote Speaking Topics


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What Do My Clients Have to Say?


“Kris Taylor’s ability to communicate through speaking is thought-provoking and life changing. Her passion for people and ability to help them change their lives is powerful.”

Sharlee Lyons
Director of Personal and Professional Development, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

“Kris’ ability to connect with her audience, where they are and understanding what’s important to them, keeps her presentations fresh, relevant, and impactful.”

Andrea Bednar
Organizer of North America Leadership Academy, Society of International Business Fellows

Kris is an amazing speaker.  She understood the goal of the broad scope desired in the whole of the task asked of her.  She had a beautiful message that resonates with me still as I move forward daily.”

Sandra K. Ziebold
Vice-President, Beacon of Hope Center for Women, Inc.

Kris speaks with sincerity and ingenuity.  I have found her talks to be informative and well thought out.  She speaks very well to the audience as she in intuitive to their questions and energy 

Joanna Retherford

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