A Seven Step Process for Organizational Creativity

Creativity is not just for musicians, artists and writers. Some of the greatest innovations and creative endeavors happen in business and inside organizations. Creating within an organization is different as it is not a solitary act; it requires others. In this workshop you’ll learn a seven step process for how to create inside an organization, when to create rather than problem solve and how to create a better future with those you lead and work with.

Intended Outcomes

  • New ideas and approaches in your organization
  • Forward momentum in the face of uncertainty
  • Ideas that get traction and support
  • Innovations and new ideas that stick

Target Audience

  • Leaders who are charged to innovate processes, products or services
  • Organizations who are in fast changing industries and are relying on their leaders to innovate and create
  • Leaders from any industries or organizations faced with turbulence (fast paced change, globalization, technological acceleration, or challenges to your bottom line)

This workshop is typically a full day session, although it can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

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