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Big News! Introducing LEAP: Leverage Your Experience. Achieve Prosperity.

I have something very exciting to share with you!  It’s based on this:

Without doubt, the best decision I’ve made in my professional career was to leave corporate to do independent consulting.

The past thirteen years have been filled with meaningful work, the autonomy to shape my work and my life and an earning power that has far surpassed what I imagined. Independent consulting has stretched me professionally and has enabled me to do the work I love with a variety of clients all over the globe. And I don’t miss the endless meetings, the internal politics and the levels of bureaucracy that had to be navigated.

Over time I’ve helped a number of people start their own consulting business. My help has enabled them to get started faster and smarter. As I think back to my own start up, I had invaluable help from a few people but mostly I had to figure things out on my own over time. I made avoidable mistakes. I missed opportunities. It took a long time to get comfortable with all the nuances of running a business.

I feel that I am uniquely positioned to help others launch their business. I’ve had very large clients and very small clients across industries. I’ve taught a consulting course at Purdue for 5 years. And, helping others make positive change is the hallmark of my work.  I can give others an experienced guide, process and tools to help move from working for someone else to working for yourself.

So I’ve partnered up with Katie Workman (social media expert / graphic artist), and I have created LEAP – a 3 step process that helps professionals with marketable skills make the leap from corporate to consulting.

  1. True Fit Appraisal – I will help others determine if they are a good candidate for independent consulting using a validated assessment tool, a readiness checklist, and a coaching session with me.
  2. 8 Day Intensive – Face to face working session to build out the business, learn the ins and outs of consulting and build a support network. There are hard deliverables including a business plan, pricing strategy, marketing strategy & plan, bio, logo, business cards and templates for proposals and contracts.
  3. Bound Support System – Ongoing coaching and hands on support that includes setting up a legal entity, a social media collateral, monthly coaching sessions with Katie and I and a peer support network.

Our first 8 Day Intensive will be October 11 – 18th in Caswell Beach, NC. We only have room for 10!

If you or people in your professional network are:

  • Serious about doing independent consulting but are unsure about how to start
  • Considering consulting as a career choice and want to prepare now
  • Already doing consulting and need a boost
  • In transition and consulting would be a great alternative

You’ll want to learn how LEAP can help you launch your consulting business swifter and smarter and with support. Go to for details. There you’ll be able to schedule a 30 minute conversation with me to learn if LEAP is a fit for you.

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