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Of the People, By the People, For the People

I’m frustrated…I suspect you are too. Frustrated by the gridlock in our legislatures, by their failure to address the big issues, by attack ads, by those with big money controlling the process. Frustrated and on some days worried that we can’t continue in this way without sacrificing our freedom, our democracy, and all that has defined this great experiment in self-government.

It is time to recall the wise words of Abraham Lincoln, who in the Gettysburg address, introduced the memorable phrase into our democratic lexicon “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

As I reread his words, I am struck by how relevant they are today.

Read and share this post that is both a reflection on the state of our government today and a call-to-action for all American citizens.

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Old school leaders say, “Obey me.” It’s time to listen to what evolving leaders say.

In January of 2011, I found myself weary from nearly 100% travel with change management consulting. I took the first quarter of that year to reflect on what I had learned and where I was going. It was at that juncture that a few things became crystal clear to me.

1. Leadership Matters

2. Leadership is an Action, Not a Position

3. Leadership Models are Shifting

Since that time of reflection in 2011, I’ve focused more and more of my time and energy in the development of leaders. Not just any leaders and not just those that happen to hold a title that confers leadership responsibilities.

My focus now is about developing an evolving way of leadership. Do you know the difference between old school leadership and the evolving leaders of today? Learn more in this blog post.

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Nine Words to Strike from Your Vocabulary

I’m off to guide a team retreat – and last night, to prepare, I created a swear jar. You know – the kind where if you say a bad word, you add a predetermined amount of money to the jar, creating a small (and visible) penalty.

We’ll do the same in the retreat, however the swear words won’t be the typical four letter words we think of. The words we will be creating mindfulness about, in the quest to eradicate them from our vocabulary, are words you use all the time. As do I.

These are words that undermine our effectiveness. Our personal agency. That negate our momentum toward positive action.

What are the words that will cause loose change to move from pocket to swear jar? The list includes…

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The Importance of Developing Capable, Community Leaders

My belief is that the stronger the leaders are within a community, the healthier and stronger that community is.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things matter until we envision the opposite. So, what can happen when there are a lack of strong, community leaders? Problems can arise that many American communities are already facing.

Now is the time to look at community leadership differently and think about developing capable, community leaders. Learn more by reading this blog.

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Complimentary Leadership Resources (Webinar & Audio Blog) by Evergreen

Over the past month, we’ve added two, complimentary leadership resources to Evergreen Leadership’s website. First, attend my webinar, Passing the Torch: 3 Strategies to Develop the Leadership Your Community Needs, at the end of October. Second, we now offer complimentary audio lessons and accompanying discussion guides that will allow your team and your peers to deepen your skills and lead well in today’s world.

Learn more about these exciting, new resources in this blog post!

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Mindful or Mind full? 10 Simple Techniques that Foster Mindfulness

Mindful or Mind Full? Which are you most of the time? There is a big difference, and that difference shows up in many ways. The benefits of mindfulness are plentiful – for your mental health, your physical health, your relationships and your work.

But, mindfulness is a practice – and it really does take practice. I am continually both surprised and unsettled at how difficult it is to maintain a clear mind – for just 5 minutes.

Here are 10 simple ways you can begin to foster mindfulness and the benefits of doing so.

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10 Reasons Slowing Down Can Serve You Well

Do you recall Aesop’s fable from your youth – the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare? Of course, any sane person would scoff at the idea of the turtle winning the race. But as the story unfolds, the overconfident hare takes a huge lead, and believing he can never be overtaken by the turtle, gets off the path and takes a nap. We all know how the story ends.

Today, I, like many others, feel the heat of the race. The pressure to do more, go faster, keep up. And we, in spite of exhaustion, sacrifices to our health, and dents to our most valued relationships, try very hard to run as fast as we can.

There are many reasons to slow down when your pace is consuming you or unsustainable, and here, I name ten.

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How Rich are You in These Eight Forms of Currency?

Money. Cold hard cash. Moolah. We strive for it, obsess about it, and work hard for it.

We generally make money the primary measuring stick for so many things – value, importance, effort, ease. In my work as a director of Indiana Voice of Women, we’ve begun exploring how to expand beyond using money as a measuring stick. Based on the work of Ethan Roland and Gregory Landau, we are framing our resource discussions around eight forms of currency.

So, I’m curious. What might happen if you measured worth based on these eight forms of currency instead of just one?

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Leadership 101: What You Do Matters. What You Don’t Do Matters Too.

Sometimes leaders think that communication is what happens when they make a presentation. Or send an email. Or hold a meeting.

In fact, leaders communicate every moment of every day. In their words. By their actions. With their inaction. Because people are watching and adjusting – sometimes to the subtlest of cues.

The minute you step into a leadership position, no matter what level, others begin to look to you for direction and guidance. And as such, what you say is important. Words matter and you can use them to further the worthwhile purpose you are leading. You can also, if not careful, use them to derail and detract and to detour effort.

This post helps you focus your non-verbal cues so that you can lead with clarity, congruence, consciousness.

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5 Criteria to Evaluate Your Training and Development Investment

Spending your training and development money well is important. Invest it well and people grow and thrive, as does your organization.

But here’s the hard truth- your investment can be wasted if retention is low and learning transfer is even lower.

That’s why I’ve created five criteria to evaluate your training and development programs that are important whether you develop your workforce from the inside or hire outside experts. Programs that meet this criteria will be good investments and will increase learned skills; programs that don’t aren’t worth your valuable time and energy.

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