#Lead Well Now

What is trending now in business? We see and live it:  a globally connected, hyperactive world in which technology turns things upside down, no matter the industry. Organizations are searching for leaders who collaborate across organizations, who can innovate ideas and who can maximize the potential of the people they lead. These leadership skills are vastly different than what was required in an industrial era economy.  Control, competition and stability no longer take first place.  The lessons taught in most business schools aren’t translating into people fully equipped to lead.  In our fast paced, ever changing, turbulent, networked world – the ability to create, to connect, to adapt quickly and embrace change are the hallmarks of great leaders. In this presentation, you’ll learn why leadership is different today and what skills you will want to add to your repertoire to lead well now.

The required shift audience members learn is the shift from:

  • Competition to collaboration
  • Stability to agility
  • Local to global
  • Hierarchy to network
  • Directing to guiding
  • Knowing the way to finding the way

Intended Outcomes

Audience members will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the world they are leading in and the factors at play
  • Understand the leadership shift necessary to lead well now
  • Leave with three practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately

Target Audience

  • Individuals who have a strong desire to lead well in today’s turbulent times
  • Organizations who want to build better leaders in their organizations
  • Leaders from any industries or organizations faced with turbulence (fast paced change, globalization, technological acceleration, or challenges to your bottom line)

Keynote sessions are typically 60 minutes and can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

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