Transformation from the Inside Out

Real change, lasting change, substantial change occurs when we are able to identify a thought and belief that is no longer serving us well and replace it with a thought or belief that does. This is transformational change, inside – out, and is much more powerful and more lasting. It requires more up front effort in discerning the thought pattern that needs to change – but once the “aha” happens, requires far less discipline, maintenance and is less prone to regressing back to past behaviors and results.
Here is a simple process that can get you started:

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Change Effort Stuck?

Transformational change in organizations is hard (major understatement!)– and the more processes, systems, peoples and time involved the greater the level of difficulty. Because of this, it is very typical to initially underestimate any number of things: the time it will take, the people required, the resources needed, the impact to other areas, the amount […]

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The Power of Quotes

  I love quotes. I collect them. I use them in my e-mail footers. I search for them. I ponder them. Some are from smart and well known people. Others are not. And here is why I find quotes so powerful.  For me, quotes elegantly capture an essential truth in words that is easy to […]

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Mistakes….do you avoid them at all costs? Dread that someone will see you making one?  How often does your fear of making a misstep hold you back or make you freeze in your tracks? Perhaps you give up too easily or don’t even start on something new for fear of making a mistake. Or do […]

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The Death of Miss Kim

It was quick – and relatively painless. Gone, in minutes, after 17 years of being a part of my life. Rarely had my husband reacted so quickly to a request. But at the mere hint that Miss Kim, the lilac tree near our front door should go he sprang into action. Perhaps it was the […]

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